Our Mission

Focus on value extraction and high yield returns.


The mission of The Wright Real Estate is to lead the market in innovative Real Estate investment, providing cutting edge investment opportunities to our clients to maximize their return on investment, and ensure client satisfaction through investing in superior real estate transactions specifically catered to their needs.

Our model involves execution on a diverse range of investment classes and strategies. Our focus is on value extraction and high yield return. Our basic investment criteria ranges from 18%-35% cash return per year on buy-to-hold properties, and a minimum of 24% APY on short- term hold properties (flips). Our competitive advantage lies in 4 key areas:

Understanding of Real Estate

A powerful understanding of real estate on a broad level, and an in depth knowledge of our active markets. Our team has over 30 years cumulative real estate experience. We place great emphasis on mentorship and acquiring experience within the team.

Client Satisfaction

Going the extra mile to match our client’s goals and exceed their expectations is a fundamental cornerstone of our corporate culture. To achieve this we assign a team member specifically to each client. In any business, the ratio of clients to each team member is proportional to performance. The meticulous attention achieved through a one to one ratio ensures that all efforts go to finding the perfect deal for the client.

Highly Skilled Professionals

Our team consists of highly trained professionals that are constantly on top of market movements with a keen eye for identifying opportunity and possess valuable insight that exceeds many of our competitors.

Fortified Networks

Our networks consist of some of the largest players in Real estate in our active markets.  This includes a powerful combination of investor, service, finance, analysis, construction and legal contacts.