Superior real estate investment strategy.

The Wright Real Estate has developed a superior real estate investment strategy in the Greater Boston area. Boasting a unique value proposition, our proprietary R-4 model provides us with differentiation and upside potential in a very competitive market. The Wright Real Estate yields industry leading returns based on core entrepreneurial fundamentals and innovative service offerings.

Core Competency

The Wright Real Estate’s core competency lies in extracting the maximum value of a property. This is derived from our trademark “spot-on” metric that employs 10 parameters of valuation to precisely identify the fair market value of a home. The Wright Real Estate then uses this value as a basis to serve our client’s needs whether the preference be toward highest sales value, quickest closing or favorable purchase terms.

Core Focus

Our core focus lies in identifying investment opportunities that outperform the current Real Estate cycle. We leverage our extensive network, highly specialized industry contacts and expansive sphere of influence, which creates a competitive advantage that allows us first-mover entry on deals in both the on-market and off-market property sectors. In today’s market with low inventory and inflated prices, value is difficult to find unless you know where to look. Our strength lies in identifying this value among the standard performing assets and extracting this value for our clients.

Market Niche

Our niche lies in 2-10 unit multifamily properties. The Wright Real Estate understands the ins and outs of this market segment, including how to assess, extract and increase value in these properties. We have comprehensive knowledge and experience from which we derive our competitive advantage. The Wright Real Estate has built a powerful network that consists of landlords, rental agencies, property management companies, brokerage firms and real estate service companies. This gives us a significant advantage in the acquisition of information. Real estate is an industry which requires speed of execution, and our access to knowledge through our network positions us to create superior deals. With the bidding wars that are currently taking place with on-market properties, most of the value currently being derived is quietly in off-market property transactions. Our exposure to this segment provides us the capability to get listings and make transactions that our competitors cannot replicate.

Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction is our primary measure of company performance. Under our proprietary Match In Motion value creation and quality service metric, we have engineered greater success, higher investment yields and superior client satisfaction than the standard industry model. We are intensively client focused and provide meticulous attention to detail through a one-to-one client to matchmaker ratio. Our matchmakers are real estate liaisons who possess several years of Expertise, intensive market knowledge and strong industry connections. With the capacity to smoothly negotiate unforeseen & rare events in transactions, and complete quick closes, The Wright Real Estate is able to successfully meet and exceed our client’s investment needs.

Powerful Networks

Our networks consist of a powerful combination of investors, analysts, service companies, finance, construction and legal contacts. As a result we are a full-service Real Estate Investment company and we cater to all real estate related services. We consult and recommend our clients toward the best performers in the industry for each service sector. This saves time and resources by eliminating trial by error when it comes to contacts and partners that may be needed to help our clients’ goals come to fruition.

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